We have been invited to redesign the brand and visual identity of Maison par Casa Freitas, the Casa Freitas Group’s high quality household goods store.

Inspired by the concept Ami de la Maison (Friend of the family in french), the proposed visual identity reinforces the concept of sophistication already present in the brand in a more contemporary representation. The value proposition of the brand adds the concept of friendship and trust given to who owns the house key.


The symbol uses a  key icon to represent the trust that only a family friend has. The design of its shape reflects the elegance and sophistication, which is the essence of the brand. Together with the initials letters of Maison Casa Freitas, it makes a symbol that refers to a coat of arms.

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The chromatic pattern defined is inspired by the universe of copper, a very present element in decorative pieces and kitchen items.

The copper presented in its crude form, presents a greenish coloration that has been added the palette of colors of the mark along with the violet that adds delicacy to the visual identity.
All theses colors has a elegant balance with black, with is the predominant color of the brand.

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The logo was designed exclusively for the project. Based on classic typographic drawings, the letters present graphical interventions that bring a contemporary air while transmitting solidity.
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Creative Direction: Samuel Furtado
Design: Robson Fernandez, Rodrigo Vieira, Samuel Furtado
Photosgraphy: Regys Lima

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