The problem lies in the core. The solution too.

Núcleo T, a consulting firm specializing in business management, invited us to carry out the redesign of its brand and visual identity. Just like us, the company believes that every entrepreneur should be aware of their purpose in order to guide the business strategies in an organic way.



The construction of the brand’s visual and verbal concept is inspired by the principle that every company is like a living organism composed of clusters of cells, tissues, organs and systems. An organism that can adapt to external changes, in which each cell performs its function from its nucleus. All its components must be aligned with the main purpose of the organization so that it can grow and establish itself in the market.




The design of the logo is entirely linked to the stages of the consulting process that Nucleo T offers. In an almost symbiotic interaction, the consultants dive in to the entrepreneur’s life, searching for the real purpose of the business. Then, in a stage of experimentation, they prototype a business model that best suits the company. Finally, after completing the previous phases, they define strategies for the growth of the business in the expansion stage begins.



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Creative Direction: Samuel Furtado

Design: Regys Lima, Robson Fernandez, Rodrigo Vieira, Samuel Furtado

Photography: Regys Lima

Motion Graphics: Regys Lima

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