We love to tell good stories. Our project  The King of Baião, tells the storie of one of the greatest icons of Brasilian Popular Music (MPB). Luiz Gonzaga.

He was not just the “King of Baião”. He was also our first pop star. His tours through the country didn’t have the “white-towel-glamour” and back-stage demands, but as he walked on stage we could notice he was the King.
With this series of t-shirts and posters, we trace a parallel between Gonzagão’s history, his singular personality and great icons of the Pop Culture.


In the steps of Luiz
Just like all great pop stars, our King wouldn’t miss his coreographies. With his flawless hat and sun glasses, he and his musicians developed Xaxado, Xote and Baião* dance steps that became fashion and didn’t stay behind a moonwalker.

*Xaxado, Xote and Baião are the music/dance styles from the northeast region of Brasil.



Little Traveler Life
In the company of his road partness “Salário Mínimo” e “Custa de Vida”, the King of Baião travelled and sang through the country in his Veraneio. One city to the other, many stories in the bags and longing in the heart.



The Story Teller
A man once said: “Life is lika a box of chocolates”. But our pop star preferes to say “life is lika a rapadura*: it’s sweet, but not soft”. Telling the joys and mishaps of the life in the countryside, he carried happyness and party wherever he was.

*Rapadura is a kind of candy made from sugar cane. It’s hard, sweet and very popular in the northeast region of Brasil.




Samuel Furtado @samuelbfurtado
Robson Fernandez @robsonfernandezart
Igres Leandro @igresleandro
Creative Direction:
Rodrigo Vieira @rodrigodzn

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